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This federal election, I'm running as a Senate Candidate to represent Victorian voices.

I have a diverse background of more than thirty years' experience as a musician, educator, social business entrepreneur, community volunteer, board director and media producer. I am a first generation immigrant from South Korea, married to a Dutchman and mother of 3 grown boys.

I have studied business, politics, music and law, which I believe, along with my work experience, enables me to connect dots - experts, people, organisations, stakeholders, to try and find the best solutions to solve problems and accomplish projects. My passion lies in creating impact solutions which lead to a better future.

This election I have put my hat in the ring to run as a Federal Senate Candidate for Victoria because I like many of you, feel there is an urgent need for change. 

  • I want to be a part of the change in culture to a more civil and productive one,

  • a change in transparency and accountability,

  • a change in priorities for a better future not for political points

  • a change in how the people's needs are heard and represented by government

Change is coming, we can all feel it. There is a growing, restless energy for wanting a better way, a different way.

 This was my 'stump speech', a module in the 'Pathways to Politics for Women' course presented by University of Melbourne. It outlines a few of the issues that I want to mobilise solutions for:

1.improving the quality of our education system (we rank 39/41 of OECD countries😂)

2. A more integrated, inclusive multicultural, faith and gender respecting Australia.🙏

3. A STEAM revolution - promoting the 'A' (Arts) 👏in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths)

I would love your support

I am ready to serve

the people of Australia

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