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Have Your Say- People's Online Forum

Join us for our Q & A Event with some of our Federal Candidates on our People's Forum, where you can meet the team, voice your concerns and share ideas with the open forum.

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People's Forum -LIVE IN PERSON

Details coming soon

how to vote above the line.gif
how to vote above the line.gif

Australian Election Day
21 May 2022

AusFeds is the only party in the history of Australia to have a process and system to ensure our representatives serve the people who elect them. AusFeds has created a six-step process where our candidates sign a pact with their constituents that they will represent them,

not a political party.

This election, do something different - let's vote to bring the balance of power back to the people for prioritisation of the issues that matter. No more party games, just focussing on serving the people.

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